More than a year has passed since I went to a taping of Iron Chef America. And since the episode has aired, I can tell you it was the Ostrich episode. The Iron Chef was Cat Cora. I never got the name of her challenger but the mystery ingredient was ostrich and ostrich eggs. I sampled Cat’s ostrich risotto and it was super tasty. (That’s a sentence you don’t read every day.)

3 thoughts on “Ostrich”

  1. monica Jo Tomaszewski-Flick

    THANK GOD!!! I thought that you forgot. I have been waiting FOREVER to find out what it was.

  2. The taping of Iron Chef must have been something! For myself, I have to say I am not a big fan of ostrich. Maybe I should still give it a try. I had a much more bohemian preparation than the ostrich risotto. It was a big, juicy ostrich burger at a restaurant rest stop outside of Indio, California a few years back. It was kinda gamey. Much better was the buffalo burger I had the next time I passed. Buffalo is such a wonderful meat!

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