Hollywood Stargazing

My parents were in L.A. this Oscar weekend and they went, on Thursday night, to dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut where they imagined they’d see a million celebrities. The last time they were there (last year, actually) Tom Cruise walked by as the waiter described different cuts of meat. Who would be there this night? Soon-to-be Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson? Perky Oscar host Ellen Degenerous? Wilford Brimley?

My parents love celebrities, as you may recall from my mom’s photo with Flea and my dad’s moment with Pamela Anderson. They got close to the hostess stand, scanning the room the best they could, and when they reached the hostess they gave their name and waited to be seated.

But the hostess–a hostess who sees thousands of celebrities a night–kept staring at them.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I know this is a really strange question…but does your son have a food blog?”

Her name’s Whitney, she’s an actress and a big fan of this blog. Getting recognized, instead of doing the recognizing, was the highlight of my parents’ trip. Thanks to Whitney for giving them such a thrill.

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  1. A Big Fan of the AG

    Imagine, now your mom and dad will be the ones everyone wants to pose with! Love the story, AG. Maybe they’ll get better tables everywhere – and if Whitney is reading this, you GO girl!

    BTW, did they take a photo with Whitney?

  2. Whitney here…we didn’t take a photo! Totally forgot. But, just FYI, the nights the ‘rents dined with us the following celebs were dining as well…

    Geena Davis, Pharrell, Mark McGrath, Sarah Silverman, John Singleton, Cindy Adams. But AG’s parents were my most exciting sighting of the night!

  3. And the Oscar goes to … Congratulations Adam (and Mr/Mrs. Roberts), on your bicoastal celebrity! And THIS reader loves you from the midwest.

  4. Congrats Adam(and Uncle Brad and Aunt Heidi) I am glad to see you getting the recognition you all deserve. Love you much , Your cousin Matt ^^

  5. Congratulations! These are serious bragging rights, and you’ve earned them. Take your bow! Your Parents too!

  6. Oh Adam, that’s perfect. It just doesn’t get better than that. Beats seeing a silicon injected botox smoothed celeb any day.

  7. Of course Whitney is an actress, every waitress in Hollywood is. If there were no “actresses” in LA, then there would be no restaurants.

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