Blame The Brush

It takes a certain kind of man to claim he broke my wine glasses because of ineptitude; it takes another to blame the brush. “I hate this stupid f***ing brush!” said the man in question. “It doesn’t clean anything…it’s chintzy and stupid and you should have sponges. Why don’t you buy some more sponges?”

These wine glasses are the third casualties in the war against the cleaning brush, a brush I bought from The Container Store a few months ago. It fills up with soap and I really like it. But Craig loathes it. So last night we bought sponges and now he’s happy. The wine glasses you see above are survived by two more wine glasses which will hopefully remain intact as Craig retires the brush of death.

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  1. Hee – larious ~

    Thanks for sharing this bit of reality. The flip side of cooking is cleaning, and comfortable tools make it so much easier! Poor Craig!

  2. Oh dear! But who washes wineglasses with a scrub-brush anyway? I always use sponges.

    You sure this wasn’t an ‘A Christmas Story’ lamp-breakage type of rebellion?

  3. Sponges are definitely the way to go. I like to have a soap filled wand sponge just for my wine glasses. I love my CB2 wine glasses and want to keep them as long as possible! I hope Craig didn’t get cut!

  4. Wine glasses have a short life span – at least around me. There was a time when I would probably break (by accident, mind you) a glass per week. Terrible. Somehow I made it through that and my luck has been good lately. Now a glass bites the dust only once every few months or so…

  5. since when does one need to insert a brush in a wine glass. no wonder they break.

    warm soapy water, a swish of a rinse and a dry clean cloth.

  6. How about a compromise? I have a sponge with a handle that fills up with soap – probably from Target or something. I love it because it works like a spone but I never actually have to touch the sponge. And P.S., I know the trip to IKEA is a pain here in NY but their prices on glassware make things totally breakable.

  7. Maybe you should make Craig drink out of plastic wine glasses from now on as punishment. You could buy enough so that he’s allowed to have a fresh one at every meal: Adam–real glass, Diana–real glass, Craig–plastic

    Then for every wine glass he washes successfully, he gets a gold star. After fifty gold stars you can restore his glass-drinking priveleges. What do you think?

    (woo! it’s fun to mock your own brother but even better when you can do it…ON THE INTERNET. Thanks Adam!)

  8. I notice you spell his name differently than he does…

    I really do hate that F-ing brush.

    Posted by: Creg at Feb 16, 2007 3:10:51 PM

  9. I use an old baby bottle brush to clean our Riedel stems. I only use tepid water to wash them b/c hot water will crack the crystal. Additionally, I add a smidge of white vinegar to the soapy solution inside the glass. It removes all red-wine residue and leaves the glasses spotless.

    In deference to Craig, I do use a sponge to wash the exterior, stem and base of the glasses. The sponge is also on the bottle brush. Just in case you’re interested, it’s a red-and-white brush by Munchkin.

  10. I love to see a couple working out their problems. It strengthens the relationship.

    My man had to switch me to short hi-ball glasses, when we drink wine, because I broke all of his the first year we were together, knocking them over. Honest, I’m not clumsy, but those stems are like stiletto heels to me. I like a more practical approach.

    We are celebrating 2 years, regardless of my mishaps. Now, that’s love.

  11. I’m chiming in late, I realize, but the breakage pattern in these look suspiciously like the ones we had. We determined the culprit was the stress put on the glasses by hanging them off of the edge of the drying rack on those loops that are made to hold cups and glasses. After we stopped using those, the wine glasses stopped breaking. Am I right? In our case the wine glasses came from Ikea so it was no big loss.

  12. I’ll second the recommendation for the “unbreakable” Tritan glasses. If they can survive* me, they can survive Craig.

    *Except for the one I dropped on a tile floor, because “they just don’t break!” that one didn’t make it. I blame that more on the wine consumed from the glass than the glass itself…

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