What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Please answer in 47 words or less.

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  1. Moroccan Lamb stew served on toasted pine nut whole wheat couscous; I paired it with a nutty sour dough and a full bodied sonoma merlot. YUM!

  2. my mom’s most delicious homemade shrimp ‘mandoo’ aka gyoza aka potstickers. though sometimes the best part is making them together, these were pretty amazing to eat. yum!

  3. Passionfruit & basil macaron. Trop bon… And some white chocolate & green tea cake with pistachios, overcooked but good.

  4. Pizza Caprichosa. Napolitean style (thin crust). Tomato sauce, mozzeralla, a touch of parmesano, ham, anchovies, capers, chopped tomaotes,topped with an egg. Wood fired oven.

  5. I am from Brazil, more specifically Bahia, I went there this weekend and the best was my grandfather freshly fished lobster barbecue, followed by a bananaleaf fish barbecue. It does not get better.

  6. My mother’s Sunday dinner – roast chicken, loads of veg., perfect roast potatoes, Yorshire puddings.

  7. Everything at my family’s Robert Burns supper – haggis (not the real deal, more like a lamb-beef-liver meatloaf), tatties & neaps (mashed potatoes & turnips), cock-a-leekie soup, courgettes, baked ziti (hey, we’re also half Italian), shortbread, tipsy laird (fruit trifle) and a lot of other great desserts.

  8. Pork carnitas with two homemade salsas, roasted tomato shallot salsa, and roasted tomatillo and poblano salsa for a football party yesterday.

  9. Fish three ways all keralite style — really small fish prepared dry with coconut, banana leaf fish and fish curry.

  10. Wow, I want to spend the weekend with Arthur!

    Teh best thing I ate this weekend was german chocolate cake (made with the frosting in the batter) with whipped cream on top.

  11. Your posted recipe for Tom Kha Gai! Yum. Made w/ tofu. Found the galangal but no lime leaves, added more coconut and lots of chili…so so good! Thanks!

  12. Mark Bittman’s Beef Stew with Prunes recipe. I substituted FLANKEN, doubled the quantity, used half prunes/half dried apricots & figs, cooked for 3 1/2 hours, the last 3/4 hour moved from stovetop to oven. RAVES.

  13. Cayenne buttermilk fried chicken breast served over a sweet potato waffle with rosemary syrup from O-Bar in West Hollywood! If I’m convicted of murder today, I want that as my last meal before they inject me with pink juice.

  14. Sunday dinner with my fiance and both sets of parents. They brought sirloin (they raise cows, yay!) and I made simple sides of baked spuds, peas and salad. We ended with homemade brownies (snagged the recipe from a Ghiradelli package and they are to-die-for) and my mom’s 7 layer bars- similiar to the Hello Dollys @ Magnolia bakery in NYC. Yeah, even this Indiana bumpkin knows about Magnolia….sigh.

  15. My homemade spicy chili, cornbread, and guacamole while watching both my and my boyfriend’s respective favorite teams clinch Super Bowl bids.

  16. I think you’ll relate to this…the doughnuts from Dahlia Lounge, dipped in apple butter and sweet crème fraiche. mmmm mmmmm good!!

  17. Ina’s turkey lasagne from her Family Style book. Delicious!!

    And I live in NYC so I was at your reading last weekend — loved the chapter you read, can’t wait to read more!

  18. Tied between the vegan chocolate cupcake from Whole Foods, one of my all-time favorites; and the mushroom and cheese whole-wheat calzone I ordered in last night, which tasted amazing because I was starving!

  19. La Quercia spiced prosciutto piccante. The chilies and fennel rubbed into the fat is beyond belief delicious. Had it with fresh mozzarella as I watched the Colts defeat NE. Yeah!

  20. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with fettucine alla carbonara and a bottle of Zinfandel. Sabayone and limoncello gelato.

  21. Pesto, Artichoke & 4-Cheese Stromboli

    Homemade pesto spread thin on premade dough covered with garlic-sauteed artichoke & fresh ricotta, buffala mozzarella, manchego & pecorino romano.

    Made it myself!

  22. tie between my friend emily’s orzo with feta and sun-dried tomato or the vanilla, anise pound cake from the culinary institute of america where she trained and now works.

  23. Fried potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic, cheddar cheese, and onions scrambled with three eggs and covered with cracked black pepper and parmesan reggiano.

    The rest of the weekend I ate cold sausage pizza, so it’s not much of a competition.

  24. If Friday afternoon qualifies as “this weekend” then it would have to be Tom Douglas’s recipe for Fresh Coconut Cream Pie that my friend made for 8 of us and we all just about died from joy while eating it.

    If not, then I would have to go with the homemade tomato basil soup that I made last night. Then I served it with provolone paninis, but I just ate the leftover soup heated up with crunchy, toasty garlic croutons on top and that was even better. YUM!

  25. Frozen passion fruit parfait with coconut ice cream and lil’ bits of apple soaked in a lemongrass sauce. SWOON.

  26. Chicken “parmesan” with almond, asiago & fried shallot crust atop tri-color peppers, tomatoes, artichokes, sweet onion & spinach “sauce” and whole wheat pasta.

  27. A toasted whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese from my local bagelry – but i think im only saying that becuase I hadn’t had a bagel in 2 years. So probably the hot fudge sundae made of haagen daaz caramel cone, coffee, and vanilla ice cream. Yum.

  28. An impromptu walnut & sausage ragu. It accompanied less-exciting braised chicken thighs and some sort of red wine alfredo & fettucine.

  29. Weekend’s best, in haiku:

    Cod en papillote

    Lemon, thyme, ginger & wine

    Over rice, of course

    Lamb at Kabul – YUM!

    Succulent, grilled, served with bread

    Firni for dessert

    Pizza made from scratch

    Chicken, capers & olives

    Someone cooked for me!

  30. An orange, shipped up from my father’s tree in Florida to me in New Jersey. I ate it over the kitchen sink as I watched the winter’s first snowfall–the first snow I’ve seen in over 13 years.

  31. A toss up between my homemade hummus,drizzled with olive oil and served with pita bread for dipping, and my lemon curd swirled cheesecake with a blueberry-apricot sauce.

  32. Lemony chicken and couscous and arugula loaf. (Ground chicken, lemon zest, whole-wheat bread crumbs, rehydrated couscous, steamed arugula, coriander, s&p, baked in a loaf pan for an hour. Served with roasted red peppers with capers.

  33. Taco soup, served with cornchip crumbles and cheddar cheese. And a pork blade roast made with brown sugar, apple juice and soy sauce…juicy and fabulous. Served the latter with mashed potatoes and broiled tomatoes stuffed with artichokes and Feta. Very yum.

  34. Three cheese ravioli at Baltimore’s Brass Elephant. The cheeses? Brie, white cheddar and ricotta. That with toasted pecans in a port sauce. The rabbit wasn’t as good. That, and luscious three onion mashed potatoes.

  35. Savory butternut squash puff pastry tart with caramalized onions, ricotta and feta. Recipe courtesy of the lovely Heidi over at 101cookbooks.

  36. Escolar sashimi – a weekend full of sashimi and all-you-can-eat (and remarkably good) sushi. What a way to start a birthday!

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