Three Years of Magic


Happy Blogiversary, Amateur Gourmet Readers! I feel like we only met last week. Ah, how the time flies…

14 thoughts on “Three Years of Magic”

  1. Happy anniversary/birthday to your blog, Adam! I don’t know how I bumped into your site, but it been fun reading it.

    By the way, how did your reading turned out? Are you going to write about your Katz meetup?

  2. How cute!

    Happy birthday—you’re fifteen days older than my little grandson, Logan! Here’s to a star on the calendar for your blog.

  3. conga-rats!

    I just read your “about” and saw that you did a JD at Emory.. I did my PhD at Emory (90-94), I wonder if we overlapped? Even if we were there at the same time its quite possible that we did not cross paths much because your side of the campus was far enough from my side (med school and research buildings). Too bad!

  4. Congratulations and thanks for providing a fun and informative site that helps me waste lots of time of work.

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary!!!!! I adore your blog- your personal stories, your cooking victories and challenges, your writing adventures, your life stories….yours is truly a unique blog and I look forward to reading more about the AG every day. Thanks for being such a cool guy!

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