Third Anniversary & A Reading


Readers, would you believe it? This Sunday, January 14th, marks the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of this website. Three years! Boy, I’m getting old. But the timing is perfect: Sunday is the day of my reading! I’m reading Chapter Four of my book, “The Amateur Gourmet,”* at Good World Bar & Grill at 3 Orchard Street at 5 PM. I’ll be joined by Andrea Strong of The Strong Buzz and Patrick Martins of the Slow Food Guide to New York City. Not only that but you’ll also get to meet the stars of the chapter I’m reading–the “Cross Cultures” chapter– Patty and Stella, who joined me several months ago for a cross-cultural adventure: Patty touring me through Korean food, and me touring her (and Stella) through Jewish food including a pastrami feast at Katz’s deli. So what better way to celebrate the anniversary, the reading, the book and the joys of smoked meat than to go for pastrami afterwards? Amateur Gourmet readers are hereby invited to march with me after the reading from Good World to Katz’s where we’ll gorge ourselves on pastrami. Sound good? See you there!

* The book is no longer “Eat Like A Grown-Up,” it’s “The Amateur Gourmet” because that’s catchier.

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  1. Congratulations Adam, Nice that so many things are working out for you. All of your hard work paying off, you deserve the best!

  2. OMG, I so want to be there. Let me know when you are going to have a Detroit area reading. Please, inform you publicist that a trip here is necessary!!! And yes there is a good sized jewish community here, so there is probably a really good deli.

  3. Congratulations Adam! Your food blog was one the first that I started reading and has provided me with great restaurants to eat at when I am in NYC and never lost it’s sense of whacky good fun with food. Nice job!

  4. So when is your book going to be available? huh? huh? huh? :) I just checked Amazon, and it’s not even listed for pre-order.

    Lots of your fans are eagerly awaiting….

  5. that’s right in my hood! i will try to stop by and show my support. btw, am i just dyslexic or are those letters in the comment verification boxes hard to discern?

  6. Congratulations Adam! I would like to be there but I have other engagements to be at that day. Darn!

    Anywhoo, just tell us when your book is going to be out and I’ll buy a copy.

  7. Yay! Happy Birthday!

    Aww that sounds like so much fun! I think you should do a reading in Montreal and then we can go for smoked meat and Montreal-style bagels (both Jewish).

  8. I am looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. I am also jealuous that all you New Yorkers can get Katz’s pastrami whenever you want. Nothing in Wisconsin can compare.

    Which brings me to this question, has anyone ever mail-ordered Katz’s pastrami? I have been tempeted but would like to know if it is as good (or even close) to what you get at the restaurant.

  9. I have to say I like “Eat Like a Grown-Up” more than “the Amateur Gourmet”. :( But still, I heartily congratulate you and wish I could attend.

  10. Mazel tov!

    Would you think me odd if I told you I dreamt you filmed an autobiographical comedy which I saw at the theater and thoroughly enjoyed?

    I must’ve read too many foodblogs before bed last night :).

  11. Let’s send Adam to Montreal. We can take up a collection. He should try some smoked meat at schwartz there is nothing like it below the 49th parallel. i could give him the tour, he would be schwitzing, from haute to bas he would not know which way is up and which way is down in montreal.

  12. Oh Adam, I can’t believe it’s been three years! Wow!! Congrats!!

    I still remember how those crazy tittycakes brought me into the Amateur fold.

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