It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated

Hey! I’ve been nominated for another food blog award. So go over there and check out the worthy competition and click your choice for Best Food Blog Post 2006! (I voted for myself because in 6th grade Mrs. Darman said if you don’t vote for yourself, why should anyone else?)

11 thoughts on “It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated”

  1. David L. told me the way to ensure success was to sleep with the judges. I’m sure that you could bribe them with a foie gras tourchon.

  2. Well, darn, I voted and this is what it said:


    You have already voted,

    Your last vote was not added to the results


    There must be an error, Adam…..Help !!

  3. Tigerbi and bethgrd–that happened to me and lots of people I know who I paid…err, I mean who went to cast votes. Hopefully, it occurred somewhat equally across the voting board.

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