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  1. Our culture has become overrun with remote food bullies, people who feel free to rail at the food choices of others. What we eat is not low-fat enough, not non-cruel enough, not local enough, not fresh enough, not original enough, not authentic enough, not raw enough, not low-carb enough….

    You know what I’m eating? Lunch. :)

  2. Hey Adam! I just finished going through your site a couple days ago and I absolutely adore your style and cooking.

    I don’t care if you’re a food bully because I kind of do that to my friends as well. In fact, one of my close friends won’t eat pho with any type of vegetation in it. No green onion, yellow onion or cilantro. What kind of pho is that? Noodles and meat? Come on! Give me a flippin break. There’s no flavor in doing that. It’s also hard to convince the waiter of what you’re trying to say. We sit at the table waiting for 5 minutes FIVE MINUTES for her to try and explain what she wants. It’s gonna come with the stuff you don’t want anyway! Just pick it out! Not only that, but she addes TONS of plum sauce and red rooster (Sriracha) sauce so you can’t even taste the divine flavor of the broth. *sigh* Some people just don’t know what they’re doing.

    Anyway, take a peek at my blog if you’re bored (as much as I can’t see that happening). I dedicated a post to you (the Coq Au Vin one).

    Keep up the excellent work :)

  3. I am so happy to know I am not the only control freak in the world when it comes to what people eat! I am always trying to influence what my boyfriend will order off the menu when we eat out and get irate when he doesn’t order what I think he should. And it drives me nuts that he loves hard, stale bread and eating chicken teriyaki for breakfast – yuck! LOVE your site btw – you are hilarious.

  4. Equal in the WINE?? Yarks. I would balk at that as well.

    This article makes me question your position on ketchup. You don’t have to delve into the controversial topics of ketchup on, say, Chicago-style hot dogs or eggs (“Narsty!”, says I), but in general . . . how do you feel about the oft-scorned, unofficial sauce of America? Your admiring public wants to know!

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