A Very Thoughtful Review of B.L.T. Burger

Of BLT Burger, Peter Meehan writes in the New York Times: “I was left with the impression that no one in the kitchen is paying attention to these sandwiches.” Nick Paumgarten says in The New Yorker: “The patties are five ounces of Black Angus beef at the low end of the salt and fat range, which likely costs them a medal in the best-burger sweepstakes.” A few of my foodie friends slammed the place and so I went, recently, with James Felder (Snapshot Artifact) and crafted the following thoughtful review of my own.



  1. I am a real fan of your commic book formats :-) Your thoughtful pose (bottom left) looks very thoughtful. Review Grade: A. Food Review Grade: no clue (never been there).

  2. So AG, what did you think of the Top Chef Season 2 wrap up? Curious minds want to know!

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