Stella Eats Meat

We were going to call this post “The Sausage Whore” (and Stella approved it) but I think “Stella Eats Meat” is more to the point. For you see Stella has been a vegetarian for twelve years. TWELVE. And last night at John’s Pizza on Bleecker (home of some of the city’s best pizza) I said to Stella, “If you eat a piece of sausage I’ll pay for your dinner.” I was joking. But Stella said, “Will you really?” and I said, “Sure.” I’m always happy to turn a vegetarian into a meat eater: I think we meat eating Jews would call that a mitzvah. What follows is video footage of Stella going face to face with pizza sausage in the hopes of a free meal:

14 thoughts on “Stella Eats Meat”

  1. My comments wouldn’t post all day! :(

    Anyway, I said, whoa… that’s crazy. It looks like she’s eating toast for dinner though- if so, you got off easy =P

  2. I feel for Stella – I was a vegetarian for two years before I had to switch back to meat (I moved to Ecuador, its hard to stay veg in a country where most people barely get enough to eat) and that first bite of chicken was agonizing. I think its more mental, although I did get physically sick after I ate my first piece of red meat. To this day I cannot bring myself to eat a McDonald’s burger, which is probably a good thing.

  3. Way to be, Stella!

    It’s good for people to try things once in a while, no?

    I was a vegetarian for 9 years, until I learned how to butcher and life working in a kitchen took over my thinking about actual meat.

    I stand by it being good to broaden your horizons, even if just for once in a while! When I was a vegetarian I used to eat one bite of steak every year on my friend Kelly’s birthday just to make her flip out (tho she never taped it:)

  4. What’s the big deal? All my dates eat meat and I pay for their dinner. Oh wait a minute, she is eating the meat from a pizza. Nevermind.

  5. Don’t feel too bad, Stella. I was a strict lacto-ovo veggie person while I lived in Northern California. My downfall was my Grandma’s homemade pork red chile tamales while visiting with the familia at Christmas!

  6. You are such a corrupter! And Stella… selling out for a free meal?

    Just kidding! I would probably do the same in the same situation. I hope it was an expensive dinner :)

  7. Lame- you are evil;) NO- I would probably do it too. I am a vegan at home but if I am out or at someone else’s place, I might have some meat or something. 95% vegan is still pretty good. But next time take her out for something nice like a rare fillet mignon (the blood will add to the ick factor), not some crummy pizza sausage made of lord only knows what…

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