Some eat like a pig…

…others eat from a pig:

That’s me at Daisy May’s, celebrating the launch of Serious Eats (I stole the picture from the Serious Eats photo pool.) What’s it like putting on rubber gloves and digging into a pig carcass for your grub? It’s pretty fun. And the meat is really juicy. My favorite part was when I bit into a piece of metal that mysteriously read “property of George Clooney.” Hmm, wonder what that could have meant?

20 thoughts on “Some eat like a pig…”

  1. Now, where was Stella during this wonderful meat eating experience? If a piece of sausage sent her over the edge, I can just imagine the pure terror in eating from this pig. Ewwww.

  2. Shame on you, Adam. Poor George’s pig. But the picture looks delicious. And I agree with VC, the argyle is very nice.

  3. I third the sweater compliments.

    Actually, the picture of the pig is a little grotesque, but I imagine all squeamishness is a thing of the past when its aroma floats up and warms the caverns of your nostrils…

  4. My question is: where did you get a cutting board that big?

    If I had a second question, I’d ask if you ate the head. I recently heard an interview, all about pig’s head, with Josh Karpf on Evan Kleiman’s “Good Food.” He claims the cheeks taste the best.

  5. In the Philippines, we have a similar fare called “lechon” or roasted pig. It comes with a delectable sauce and we love to eat the skin for it can be really crunchy!

  6. Ohhhh… love me some Cochon de’lait. That is something we eat a lot of down here in New Orleans. Many people have speical pits built in their yards just for that purpose.

  7. Fourth the sweater compliment.

    It looks fun digging into the pig and rip its flesh out…sounds primitive but in the end it’s bliss to eat it.

  8. Let’s hear it for memorable experiences! I hope you didn’t get any sweetbreads (unless you wanted them). Adam, you look so cute in that picture.

    VC, it looks like the sweater came from J. Crew (that’s just a hypothesis). I, too, enjoy the sweater.

  9. Wow! I feel guilty saying this but I want to try that! lol. For some reason I’m reminding of the bear meat burgers I used to eat in college. Ever tried bear meat? VERY good. It has a stronger taste that beef or venison, but I definately loved it.

  10. Yum. That reminds me of the “lechon” back home. Roasted pig is one of my favorite fares and the crispy skin …. double yum!

  11. Thanks Miriam,

    It does look like the sweater from, but the closest one I found there was a v-neck sweater… and this one is a crew-neck. JCrew also didn’t have the ones in black. So I’m not sure if it’s the same sweater. I still want to find out though! =)

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