Seattle Meet-Up (What Are You Doing New Year’s Day?)

After the overwhelming response to my Seattle Party post, I’ve decided to have a meet-up! You’ll get to meet Craig, his sister and friends and maybe even a famous blogger or two. You’ll also have the opportunity to sober up after a wild night of New Year’s revelry because we’re meeting for coffee at Victrola:


So here are the details…

What: Amateur Gourmet Seattle Meet-Up

When: January 1st, New Year’s Day at 3:30 PM.

Where: Victrola Coffee (here’s the info.)

Why: Because it’ll be fun!

Can’t wait to see you there, Seattle.

6 thoughts on “Seattle Meet-Up (What Are You Doing New Year’s Day?)”

  1. You should try to get Frasier to come to this thing. He and his brother, Niles, could regale you with zingy quips about Niles’s failing relationship with Merrith.

    Blah blah scrambled eggs! Ha cha cha.

  2. Ashley, you make me lol! No one randomly visits IN-there has to be a reason to come here. AG, I don’t know anything about Seattle other than Flying Fish. Hope you give us video of you catching one. You can stalk all things Batali while you’re there.

  3. Sweet! AG, if I can make it there I will be – methinks my head may be a bit fuzzy after the New Years festivities – but in any case, here’s (yet another)early welcome to the beautiful city of Seattle! You’ll feel at home here, no doubt. 2007 awaits…

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