Pregnant Surprise Party

How do you surprise a woman who is nine months pregnant on her birthday?

Meet Krisse and Josh:

Josh e-mailed all of us a few weeks ago that Krisse, his very pregnant wife, was disappointed that she couldn’t celebrate her birthday. So he decided to surprise her. “But wait,” you may ask, “isn’t that dangerous? What if the surprise induced an early labor?”

Well here’s how he did it. He had all of us meet at Danal, a really fun and funky tea lounge in the East Village. Rob, one of the attendees, was in communication with Josh as he and Krisse approached. When they were at the bottom of the stairs, Rob stood in front of all of us with a sign. When Krisse came in she read the sign. It said, “For medical reasons please be advised that we are going to shout in..” and then he dropped the sign and Sasie, another friend, dropped cards that said, “3…2…1…” then we all shouted “surprise!” Krisse was delighted and she didn’t go into labor. See how delighted she is? She’s hugging her husband:


It was an adorable memorable moment in an adorable place. At the end they brought out a curious cake:


Curious because: (1) Josh didn’t order a cake; (2) Krisse’s name isn’t Cybele; and (3) she’s not recovering (yet) from anything. It ends up the waitress gave us the cake for a party that was coming later. Oops!

But it makes for a fun story. Did you enjoy this party? Probably more than the fiber party. But we must leave, we have another party. Kisses everyone!

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