Final Prize Push

Menu For Hope is winding down (the last day is Friday) and there are still plenty of prizes worth bidding on. Here are some developments:

– Michael Ruhlman updates his prize with a gift box of charcuterie from Justin Servino of Servino’s Community Butcher in Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, shipping of the meat is limited to the U.S. only. But anyone worldwide can claim the book! The prize code is UE22.

– There’s a new prize: UE36–Dinner for Four at Centrico in New York. Prize includes a free cocktail per person and a copy of chef Aaron Sanchez’s book La Comida Del Barrio. I may bid on this one myself!

– Even though he’s listed with the wine bloggers, Lenn of Lenndevours wants me to point you to some of his fabulous East Coast prizes:

* WB19: A Romantic Getaway For Long Island Wine Lovers

* WB20: Learn About And Taste Wines on Long Island

* WB21: Taste The North Fork of Long Island

* WB22: personal Tour of Long Island Wine Country

Those are really snazzy prizes and great for anyone who lives in New York and wants a great getaway. Hey, I need a great getaway. Maybe I’ll bid on them too!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Adam! Next time you schlep to Tribeca, come to Centrico and I’ll buy you a Jala-PiƱa.

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