Fiber Party

This next party is a party we’ll want to leave fast. I’m embarrassed to say that my mother is the host.

“Adam,” she said to me yesterday, “I have a great recipe I found from Hungry Girl.” My mom reads a diet-oriented food site called Hungry Girl which, I have come to believe, is the work of the devil. The recipe is for “Swap-Corn Shrimp.” Are you ready to be horrified?

Here’s the recipe but I’ll sum it up for you so you don’t have to click: You take nice, happy raw shrimp. Then you dip them in Egg Beaters–not real eggs, but orangey chemical muck. And then you do something horrific, are you ready? You take Fiber One bran cereal and crush it up and then coat the shrimp in FIBER ONE and bake the shrimp in the oven! This is the recipe my mother thought I would like!

We must leave this party! Hurry, grab your coat, let’s go!

6 thoughts on “Fiber Party”

  1. It doesn’t really sound bad. Butt, have you eaten a bowl of Fiber One cereal? It should be called colon blow!! That stuff will really clear you out.

  2. I looked at that Web site. It’s not natural. You want healthier food then buy Cooking Light magazine. Real food (even butter!) and great recipes that people want to eat.

    I also second the motion that Fiber One should be called colon blow.

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