Eggnog and Carols

Merry Christmas you crazy Christians! And thanks to Michael Ruhlman for the recipe.

21 thoughts on “Eggnog and Carols”

  1. Adam, you’re insane! But in a good way. I think you had a bit too much eggnog toward the end of your video.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. You made my morning! You have a great voice and are a talented pianist, in addition to your wit and your culinary skill….Craig is a lucky guy! Happy Hanukah! Beth

  3. Dude, do you do weddings? You are so adorable. And from one non-Christian to another – Merry Christmas ;)

  4. What better way to enjoy Christmas day than to watch an Amateur Gourmet original. Thanks for yet another year of inspired insanity, Adam!

  5. Oy vey, I never realized how much actual raw egg eggnog contained!

    Your mother sent you to a non-jewish piano teacher, didn’t she? Or did you teach yourself all those christmas songs? Oy gevalt!!

    (I just wanted to get in some yiddishisms; apparently they are all expressions of dismay. So for some postivisms: you’re a good piano player! And quite excellent at not spilling!)

  6. I was completely stressed out watching this video. I was convinced that there was going to be a tragic spill over the piano. That was a very risky christmas carolling endeavor. I laughed my ass off at the well-timed whisking. Merry Jewish-Xmas to all!

  7. You are even more of a lightweight than I am! Your egg nog glass is still nearly full when you bust out the harmonica.

  8. Amusing, but also a disturbing reminder of just how disgusting egg nog is. What a way to ruin Maker’s Mark.

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