The Truth About Pamela

People are saying that it’s Borat who broke Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock apart. But I am here to tell you that’s not true. The truth is that it was my dad:

9 thoughts on “The Truth About Pamela”

  1. And this post comes right after your extensive guide to blogging on sticking to the topic of food?

    Maybe you should add an exception to the rule for celebrity news that includes your personal life?

  2. Hahahahaahahhaha (but seriously, I was genuine when I said I want someone to design my site! Oh wait, someone offered. Hmm…)

  3. I second Emily Jean’s comment about your dad’s smile looking wider than ever…maybe it’s because her twins are against his chest…nice move AG’s dad!!!

  4. As if Pamela would ever do anything as smart as hook up with a nice Jewish dentist. As if a nice Jewish dentist would do anything as dumb as hooking up with a woman with Hep-C.

    Still, cute couple, no? ;-)

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