– Before this weekend I had no idea who Guy Kawasaki was. Then thousands and thousands of hits starting pouring in from his site. He linked to my truffle post and called it “one of the cleverest blog postings I’ve ever seen.” Ends up he is, according to his Wikipedia entry “one of the original Apple Computer employees responsible for marketing of the Macintosh in 1984” and “a Silicon Valley venture capitalist.” So thanks Guy for the link and the praise—it’s nice to discover who you are.

– Guy’s link, in turn, led to more and more links to the truffle post. Many of them also expressed kind words for the novelty (guess they missed my Blue Hill post) but my favorite were the bloggers who parsed the business/marketing aspects of my post. This blogger showed my post to a client and delivered “an invitation for emulation.” This blogger analyzed whether or not I compromised my integrity by going to the dinner. One commenter perfectly expressed my approach to the situation, “I think what was key in that pseudo-payperpost was the fact that Adam didn’t actually advocate or not advocate going to the restaurant. He merely documented his experiences….” That was the reasoning behind the cartoon format.

– Hey! My favorite performer is going to interview my favorite chef on November 14th. If you haven’t seen the show yet, that’s a great time to go.

– Congrats to Clotilde for her piece in T:Style yesterday. And congrats to me for my drag turn on the cover:

– I may regret this but I know many bloggers have their IM names up on their About pages. I’ve always been hesitant to do this because who knows how many people might IM me if I shared mine? We’re talking MILLIONS. Last year I created an Amateur Gourmet screen name and didn’t post it; but if you’re one of the many people who have e-mailed me with a question only to have me forget about your e-mail, feel free to IM me at amateurgourmet26 (I was 26 when I made the name; now I am 27.) If I don’t respond right away, it probably means I’ve been kidnapped. After all, that picture above makes me very kidnappable.

8 thoughts on “Nibbles”

  1. So, I’ve read alot about foie gras and truffles…which I loved to read about! I can only hope to have a invite like that! I have one request…seafood?! I’d love to see a article about the perfect way to cook some scallops ( I have some in my fridge…can’t wait to cook em up!), what’s the best way to prepare lobster, a great crab recipe?? I am sure the Amateur Gourmet can come up with a GREAT blog in that reagard…

  2. Whoa, Guy Kawasaki spoke at one of our class’ graduations as the keynote speaker. He was quite the funny guy, and very inspirational, as well.

  3. You’re all very silly.. or simply just new to AG ;} No, that is not really our beloved AG, that is a model named Ai Tominaga. Though I bet A. really would make a stunning girl with a little effort…

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