Mmmm Zzzz

The title of this post encapsulates everything I have to say at the moment about tonight’s giant Thanksgiving dinner. But prepare for an epic comic book post of everything that happened, a post that will appear next week…yet not on this site. Not on this site? But how did it go? What’s going on here? Stay tuned!

Hope everyone had happyThanksgivings, with plump turkeys and tart cranberries. Time to ride that tryptophan train to bed.

5 thoughts on “Mmmm Zzzz”

  1. I”m exhausted too after cooking for and hosting 18 guests. Tired! But I had to check out what how the Amateur Gourmet’s Thanksgiving Day dinner went. What’s this? No post with photos until next week? We’re WAITING!

  2. I woke up this morning and thought,”Hmmm I wonder how Adam’s Thanksgiving dinner went?”…as though Adam was family.

    Through your hilarious and informative site I guess you have become my cyber-brother! Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

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