Meg Wins

I humbly accept my defeat at the hands of Meg in our Torchon Tournament. Our judge (and co-author of the book that featured the recipe) Michael Ruhlman says that while I produced “a very nice torchon,” Meg’s “appears to be exquisite.” The only thing that gives me comfort is that we both maintained our dignity throughout this ordeal. Congrats, Meg!

7 thoughts on “Meg Wins”

  1. well, congrats Meg – I wish I could have been there to try them both for myself! Kudos to you both for diving in…

  2. I am of course simply going by appearances. I didn’t actually taste either one, so it’s entirely possible that yours actually tasted better (not the vein though). Moreover, you’re a gentleman. And that counts for something, in our culture of mediocrity.

  3. I believe in both looks and taste, and yours looked better.But congrats to Meg and congrats to you for being a gentleman.

  4. Meg’s did look nicer, but like Michael said, he didn’t taste either of them. I think you should have all gethered your friends together and then presented each of them with your foie plate without telling them whose they were eating. Then it would have been a real contest.

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