Food In Threes

Because I now have a roommate (Diana) and because I also have a sig. oth. (Craig) it ends up that when I cook these day I’m cooking for three. So, as you can see, the other day when I made bread from scratch (that’s the next post!) I served it for three with arugula salad, sliced apple and fancy cheese presented to me by a kind reader (more on that later too):

And when Craig and I had our movie exchange program where we showed each other movies we thought the other would like (only to have it blow up in our faces: he showed me “Safe” (with Julianne Moore) and I showed him “Marat/Sade”–could we get more pretentious? (Don’t worry, the next day he showed me “True Romance” (I’d never seen it) and I showed him (gulp, don’t laugh) Bette Midler in “Gypsy” (WHAT! IT’S GOOD!))) and Diana was there too so I made hot cider with whipped cream the first day:


(I mulled the cider with cloves and a cinnamon stick and whipped the cream with fresh ground nutmeg and no sugar, which worked nicely because the cider was so sweet.)

The second day I made Martha Stewart’s brownies and Craig insisted on vanilla ice cream so I made him go get it. And I’m glad he did, it made our evening more decadent:


And so that’s a small taste of our threeway lifestyle. We’re like those movies that came out in the 90s like “Threesome” and “Three of Hearts”—hey, that’s another perfect movie night! Now whatever will I serve?

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  1. I don’t know what you’ll serve to EAT, but you should drink Menage a Trois wine by Folie √† Deux, of course! :)

  2. I wish I had something more substantive to offer, but I’d like to say that I like Gypsy with Bette Midler, too. But then again my partner has it BAD for Bette Midler, and always had. She was an easy sell on that movie. :)

  3. Suggestion for the ice cream… and it fits in your threesome theme: my fire sauce for ice cream.

    * drools *

    One can each, Kern’s peach nectar, Kern’s pear nectar, Kern’s mango nectar. Red chili pepper flakes, to taste ( I use a large pinch ).

    Combine nectars over high flame in large sauté pan. Bring to full boil. Reduce heat to keep splashing down. Add pepper flakes, and reduce by 2/3.


    Amazingly good on top-shelf vanilla ice cream.

  4. Was it THE Marat/Sade by Peter Brook with Glenda Jackson as Charlotte Corday? It is one of the most mazing films,and dear Adam, it was filmed even before your parents were married ( we were students then…)Hope you liked it.

    There is another film about Sade, with Jeffrey Rush and the Titanic Kate girl, which is interesting, but in no way near to Peter Brook’s masterpiece.

    Once upon a time, when I ( and your parents) were young, movies used to be movies… and music was rock’n roll… were the days, my friend..

  5. curious. . .since you’ve started dating craig have you seen much of a weight gain? in either of you? i heard it happens when you acquire a “sig”

  6. Adam, if you want a delicious hot cider, try how they do it at Starbucks — steamed apple JUICE (not cider), with a shot of cinnamon flavoured syrup. (Sbucks sells their own syrup, but others would work just as well.) Top with whipped cream, and drizzle with caramel sauce.


  7. If you wanna make it,

    Twinkle while you shake it.

    If you wanna grind it,

    Wait till you’ve refined it.

    If you wanna bump it,

    Bump it with a trumpet!

    So get yourself a gimmick

    And you too, Can be a star!

    gotta love Gypsy.

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