Worst Meal Ever?

Check out this Salon piece where various food writers discuss their worst meals ever. Then come back here and tell us YOURS!

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  1. A cockroach crawled out of my ricebowl at Reang-Thai, in Tallahassee, while I was on a date. I caught it in my hand and crushed it without my date noticing. Should’ve said something, of course, but didn’t want to upset her. Wiped it on the chair, turned slightly green. Date noticed something was wrong – asked for the check and we were outta there.

    She eventually got me to tell her what had happened. Then we lived together for about 4 years. Was nice.

  2. oh yes…speaking of cockroaches – i guess my “worst meal” would be the time my wife and i were camping in hawaii… we were on the eastern coast of the big island, picture perfect setting – right on the water – pine trees blowing in the wind – very nice… night was falling and we decided to make some food. a classic camping dinner: velveta sheels and cheese, with kielbasa sausage. actually, the meal itself was pretty hearty, and good – however… about midway through (it had gotten quite dark at this point) something buzzed right by my head…. i lashed out in the darkness, swatting at the unseen intruder. didn’t think much of it. about 2 minutes later, something buzzed by me again. something big. at this point we grabbed a couple flashlights and switched one on…..

    our entire campsite was CRAWLING with huge cockroaches. yes, they were all over everything… crawling into the still hot pan of leftovers, dropping into our wine glasses. and there more, MORE of them coming… buzzing into our pale circle of light… landing on the tent… the ground was a wriggling carpet of antennae and wings. *shudder*

    well, i won’t go on, but you get the idea. believe it or not, we actually managed to get into the tent and stayed the night there – although our departure the next morning was early and swift.

    in retrospect, the meal itself wasn’t so bad – but the memories attached to it qualify, i believe, as to catapult this particular dinner as one of my worst. or, at minimum, one of my scariest.

  3. My worst meal involved a cockroach as well. This was over 20 years ago. My then boyfriend, now husband, picked up some spicy fried chicken from a place called Bojangles. I was munching away on a chicken thigh when, as I turned it over, I discovered a deep-fried cockroach embedded in it. GAG!

    Needless to say, I haven’t been to a Bojangles since and haven’t really been too keen on store-bought fried chicken from anywhere.

  4. Sadly I couldn’t read the whole piece in Salon because of the ads but this is an evocative subject.

    It has got to be Mc……. in Eltham,Kent, U.K.The whole place stank and I was worried about spit in the burger.You know those stories of bored waiters who liven up their lives behind the scenes. My imagination went wild looking at the unkempt creatures serving in a deserted hole of a place.The burger tasted like paste and cardboard and ..spit?

  5. A Big Fan of the AG

    Ewww, the Salon stories made me queasy just reading them.

    My worst meal was served in the quaint seaside town of Rosarita Beach, Mexico, just south of picturesque Tijuana. After being shephered out of the side streets of Tijuana by a pack of wild dogs, we finally found the road (and believe me, they are NOT well marked) to Rosarita Beach in search of the legendary $4.99 lobster dinner all our undergrad friends boasted about. Yes, fresh lobster caught right off the coast of Tijuana. But the threat of ptomaine poisoning was no match for the allure of a lobster feast, especially on our paultry budgets. After safe arrival, we marched in, sat down, and began the nightmarish meal. First course was a salad of unspeakable origin – soft, wet and absolutely uneatable. We pushed it aside and the second course came, a soup that slightly resembled warm tapioca and has the consistency of phleghm. After gagging down a thimble full of this, we all looked at each other and winced – what in god’s name was the lobster going to resemble? We were all ready to bail until the lobster was served – and it was PERFECT! We gorged ourselves, dipping the tender lobster tails in hot butter – there was no better taste in all the world at that time. So, the meal from hell actually redeemed itself by the final course, and we were now part of the legend of the $4.99 lobster feast.

  6. Having had balut as well as one of the Salon readers, I don’t think that anything could possibly be worse than boiled duck embryo in its amniotic fluid.

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