My New Favorite Restaurant










  1. Oh god, please tell me this comic-like post will be the format of the FoodTV show you alluded to: “This fish is overcooked! AMATEUR GOURMET SMASH!”

  2. Wow – great post! Now you have to let us know how you made it look like that. If you will reveal some of your award-winning blogging secrets that is (did I kiss up too much, not enough?)

  3. Very creative post :) The meal looked delicious. How’d you find out about the restaurant?

  4. Haha – I saw your O-face AG!!

    Awesome post, kudos on the comic book style, very cool and it actually really served to present the photos well. kudos.

  5. Martha was just out at the Rockefeller Estate and talking up the restaurant on her show this week!

  6. Martha talked this place up several years ago (before her show was the train wreck it is now) and I always intrigued. Their gardens are beautiful!

  7. Come on Pops! No cheese? No drinky? *sigh* His reward in life must come from having such a cool and fun-loving family. Congrats to you all (and to you for another wickedly creative post)!

  8. For a foodie and a comic book fan this post was PERFECTION! Thanks Adam and good luck with all your new endevors! I for one will surely be reading your book and watching for your new show!! :)

  9. Hey- I’m new to your blog (shame on me for it taking so long) and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This was a great post.

  10. So witty and delightful! Proof how much I love this blog: it’s after 5pm and I’m still at the office reading it! Love it! Thank you.

  11. They have a sister restaurant — well, actually the original Blue Hill — right in Manhattan. The menu looks very similar. I have heard great things about the Westchester location (and know someone who volunteers at Stone Barns), but haven’t heard anything about the NYC restaurant. I may be going there this Friday, so I will report back. Until then, has anyone ever eaten there?

  12. I’ve been saying it for years…this is the greatest restaurant in America.

    It is the entire package and then some.

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