My Interview With Nigel Slater

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  1. Very good interview, Adam and congratulations on your first! I’m extremely jealous. Nigel is my favourite food writer. I highly recommend his book. We refer to it very often and most recently cooked the pot-roast pheasant. Easy and tasty and very educational. I think I’m going to try his chocolate brownies next…

  2. Nice job! You are no longer an amateur!

    You picked some really interesting tidbits out of that conversation. I’ve always wondered… how do those interviews work? Did you have a long conversation with him and tape it, and just pick out the good parts? How much editing did you have to do?

  3. Hi CM,

    Yes, exactly. I tape recorded it (using Skype, which is a great way to call internationally for $0.10 a minute) and then transcribed the interview. The editor cut it up and selected the best bits. (So you miss the part where Nigel talks about his 3way with Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.)


    At Key foods a 4 lb pork loin is $7. It probably comes from a tortured pig but it’s damn cheap.

  4. Congratulations! It’s a great interview. You made me not only want to buy his new book, but his others as well. Good show!

  5. Way to go, AG! I thought I was having some kind of fugue state when I clicked over to Salon this morning…”Adam Roberts? Hmmm, why do I know that name??” :P Congrats on turning (semi)pro gourmet!

  6. Oh my God. Seriously? Do you want to know how much I spent on a 3-pound pork loin at Balducci’s on Saturday? I don’t even want to say it. But now I have to. TWENTY THREE DOLLARS. I’m going to go lie down now.

  7. Nigel Slater’s book Real Food Fast was probably the first cookbook I read cover to cover. I love the way he writes about food and cooking. Thanks for the interview and for posting the link!

  8. I think farmers markets must be a lot more expensive back east because i find the produce generally cheaper at fm’s in LA than at the grocery store or places at whole foods.

  9. I have to agree – the “amateur” goes – the interview was top notch – we’ll be reading your books soon! Mazel Tov (and happy halloween).

  10. Congrats – thought you did a great job w/ the interview, touching on some interesting points – especially grocery shopping in the UK. Food-shopping in other countries is kind of fascinating by comparison, I feel. and now I’m going to have to get me one of those cookbooks…

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