Foie Gras Feelings

Here is a short film of people’s reactions to the foie gras I served last night. Several of our guests had never had foie gras before and their feedback may surprise you. (Interesting fact: the men all loved theirs but the women had issues. Who knew gender & liver were so intimately entwined?) Please enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Foie Gras Feelings”

  1. mmm foie gras…my sister always serves it with fig jam and it has to be one of my biggest guilty pleasures. however, im not sure i could ever handle a liver through such a process to make my own…!!!

  2. There are no gender differences! Any “perceived” difference is the result of our racist, sexist, & heteronormative society.

  3. Where did u get those curvy glasses? Conran? I’ve been looking for them but the only place I saw was at a Conran while I was out of the country, but unfortunatelly they are not available where I live.

    So, maybe, if you found them somewhere else, I would mean “hope” for me.

  4. Old Blondie “Die Young” (and stay pretty). Blast from the past! Loved it, and if I move back to NYC, I’m crashing one of your dinner parties!!

  5. All the women I know, myself included, love foie gras. We usually go out for a seared slab right after we pick up our furs from summer storage.

    Just kidding! Although, seriously, my gang likes it, and I’m sure it has to do with the fact that we’re on the high-maintenance self-indulgent side. Your friends look like they have more self restraint so that they wouldn’t find wallowing in extremely expensive fat as pleasurable.

  6. Hmmm… I think I have foie gras at least twice a month, though I prefer it raw then pan-grilled rather than the mi-cuit (your torchon business) stuff. Last night we had it with an egg cocotte (which is like a steamed egg pudding)… you know raw foie gras is like silken tofu… you could just tell them that it was foie-gras flavoured silken tofu.

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