Deconstructed PB&J

You ever get hungry around 4 o’clock and you find that there’s nothing to eat and you know that you’re not going to dinner until much later? Do what I do and channel the spirit of a post-modern chef in a very pre-modern way. Deconstruct a PB&J: lose the bread, take a spoonful of peanut butter and a spoonful of raspberry jam:

Put them both in your mouth at the same time. Rinse and repeat. Continue until your hunger is sated and then wait till dinner. No muss, no fuss, and an easy clean-up. You can thank me later!

10 thoughts on “Deconstructed PB&J”

  1. I’ve been doing this for years! Also great as a midnight snack or with a piece of chocolate for a one spoon solution.

  2. One of my favorites from tot-dom! Mixing pb and jelly together was always known as “gunk”, at least to the boy scouts at Camp Russell in the Adirondacks.

  3. Please be careful when eating peanut butter off a spoon. I read this comment from Dr Heimlich himself in the NYT Magazine over twenty years ago. (Bless Lexis!)

    Or maybe the jelly helps?

    We have records of persons choking to death after eating peanut butter off a spoon. The problem is that the thick substance becomes lodged in the throat or spreads through the lungs and cannot be removed by any means. If one chooses to eat peanut butter, put it on a piece of bread. In reports of choking incidents, it has been proved that the Heimlich Maneuver has expelled peanut-buttered bread from the throats of choking victims and saved their lives. HENRY J. HEIMLICH, M.D. Professor of Advanced Clinical Sciences Xavier University

  4. I love doing this. And who chokes on peanut butter? However, Skippy?? That’s just a travesty. No one needs added sugar and partially hydrogenated crap in their peanut butter.

  5. I do this with chocolate chips instead of jam. And sometimes, if I’m feeling healthy, I’ll take a bite of banana along with it.

    Devlyn’s right–you shouldn’t eat Skippy (or Jif). That shit will kill you.

  6. My favorite is t MIX the PB and J together first! It looks totally disgusting (color-wise… kind of pinkish-purplish-greyish) but the new taste and texture are great! Also helps with the jelly not falling off and the PB not sticking :)

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