Waiter, These Tomatoes Aren’t Cooked

Here’s something I made last week after watching Mario make it on Molto Mario. Chop a tomato or two, add minced garlic, add parsley (not basil–that’s what makes it different), drizzle a generous helping of olive oil on top, then salt, pepper, red pepper flakes. Cook your spaghetti al dente, you can stop the cooking in ice water (but I skipped that step) then add to the tomato mixture. A fresh, summery bowl of goodness.

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  1. Oooo! I’ll have to try it with parsley. I LOVE making this dish with lots of garlic and basil (it’s one of my husband’s favorite meals), but I think parsley would be a nice change of pace. Plus we both love spicy food, so the red pepper flakes should be awesome! What I love most about this dish is that it takes longer for the pasta to cook then it does to prepare the sauce.

  2. Marcella Hazan has a similar recipe which is delicious. You use a bunch of different herbs (basil, chives and mint are included along with parsley) which you put in a bowl with the chopped tomatoes, then heat some olive oil to the smoking point and pour it over the tomatoes and herbs. It sizzles and smells amazing. Then you add the hot pasta. Such an excellent summer plan.

  3. I make this often; but I have finally come to the conclusion that I detest parsley. I too would use basil, or some other such herb. I don’t ice-shock the pasta either; I like my pasta hot. But not piping hot; here in Virginia this is best with Hanover tomatoes.

  4. I like this too, but even better add some crumbled goat cheese and it gets all gooey and warm. Excellent!

  5. I feel like raw tomato sauce is a brand new thing, but apparently people have been making it for a while! I used a similar recipe from last month’s Gourmet. Its so refreshing and delish. I like the idea of adding other herbs, too.

  6. There’s a similar recipe in the original Silver Palate Cookbook which adds cut-up brie with the rind removed… it gets sort of melt-y when you add the hot pasta. It’s delicious.

    Love your stuff, Adam!

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