Nectarine Pie & The Stone Fruit Blues

This is a pie I made with fresh farmer’s market nectarines using the pie crust from this month’s Gourmet (the best pie crust I’ve ever known) and a recipe for nectarine pie I found by Googling “nectarine pie” and coming upon this, the first result. The pie itself was excellent even though I accidentally left it out of the refrigerator uncovered overnight and worried over it the next day. Which leads, somewhat abstractly, to our first Thursday Night Dinner Song in a long long time. Remember Thursday Night Dinner Songs? I used to write songs about food every Thursday night. Well here’s a new one based on this pie I’d like to call “The Stone Fruit Blues.” Thanks for listening, enjoy the weekend and please pray for my future as a blues musician.

The Stone Fruit Blues, by Bluesman Gourmet.

10 thoughts on “Nectarine Pie & The Stone Fruit Blues”

  1. Break it down AG! I was wondering if we’d get more of your amazing vocal talents. And the pie looks delicious.

  2. Definitely looks like a great pie. Did you see the Nectarine Cloud Pie recipe in Gourmet magazine, right next to the pie crust recipe? I’ve been eyeing that one all week, just waiting to stumble across some suitable nectarines.

  3. SOB! I only came across this site a few months ago, and ever since have been gradually reading the site backwards in attempt to confuse my brain.

    And I just got to the end! Errr, I mean, the beginning! AG you are a legend but please stop your book (oh who am I kidding – keep writing, I am SO buying it) and start blogging every day just to keep up with my much whetted AG appetite! PLEEASE!

  4. Hi Adam, nothing to do with the pie post, but I just wanted to tell you that I had dinner at Babbo tonight and it was incredible. It not only met but far exceeded my expectations. I can still taste that delicious pasta! You are the reason I went there and I just want to thank you for directing me to an amazing restaurant. If you love it so much I knew it must be great, and I certainly was not disappointed.

    And I like your song, too.

  5. By way of Craig’s sister, your blog has found a new fan-base in Seattle. After reading about your adventures with pie crust, I would like to ask that just once, you try my pie crust recipe. I realize this is presumptious, but I swear this crust recipe is easier, prettier and tastier than any other.

    Ingredients for one pie layer:

    1 and 1/8 Cup flour

    1/2 Teaspoon salt

    1 Tablespoon sugar

    1 Stick unsalted butter (cold)

    5 Tablespoons ice water


    I make one layer at a time. In the Cusinart, combine flour, sugar and salt and pulse 4-5 times. Cut the cold butter into 10 pieces and drop them through the cuisinart shute all at once. Pulse 5-6 times, or until mixture is the consistency of fine pea gravel. Add 1 T of water at a time thru the cuisinart shute and pulse 2 times after each. When you can see mixture just start to clump in certain parts, dump it all onto a big piece of plastic wrap. Use the plastic wrap (instead of your hands) to form into a ball, then a disc shape and then chill it while preparing the next layer. I like it a bit wet and then when it comes time to roll it out I use a lot of flour. Then when you’ve got the pie all assembled, brush the top with milk and sprinkle with sugar before baking. I also use this recipe (sans sugar) for quiches and savory tarts all the time. Let me know if you give it a try!

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