My New Favorite Comment

“This site designer needs to definitely get rid of the heading on this site with the fork and duck, and oh yeah the nerd on the building. Who would be satisfied with that “art” work??? Definitely needs to go. Otherwise, a good and informative site!”

32 thoughts on “My New Favorite Comment”

  1. Actually, I think the “art” work banner is funny and eye-catching! (Even if that particular shot makes you look rather like Ted from Queer Eye.)

  2. I’ve found your blog recently and the first thing I thought when I saw that nerd on the building was “it must at least be funny!”.

  3. Re Ted from Queer Eye — I’ve always thought that photo looks like him. What’s not to love? Anyway, great banner.

  4. i like the banner! i think it does a great job of capturing the lighthearted mood and humor that you infuse your blog with! keep it up! and besides, i too think that the ‘nerd on the building’ is cute! :)

  5. I like your heading and it’s humoristic aspect (“nerd” and all)… It is an eye-catching and unique kind of banner, so there’s nothing wrong with it.

  6. Hey, isn’t that the same nerd WITH A BOOK CONTRACT???

    Geez. :D

    And those angelic bagel wings are made of Temptee. Gotta go get breakfast.

  7. Oh my god…he *does* look like Ted! And Ted is the Foodie One! This is like Michael & LaToya — has anyone ever seen The AG and Q-Ted in the same place at the same time? Coincidence??? :P

  8. 1.) What duck? I see flying bagels.

    1a.) What fork? I see a knife.

    2.) If it weren’t for the ‘nerd’ striking the King Kong-esque pose on the top of the building, we wouldn’t have this site to enjoy.

    3.) Go pick on someone your own size!

    I think the Fork and Duck is a fab name. Or perhaps the Forked Duck. I could go on but don’t want to get edited and I think you all know where I’m headed anyhow. :-)

  9. the funny thing is that whoever posted the original comment will no doubt return to the site, see a different (randomly chosen) header image and think their words must have been heeded. Hopefully s/he likes the flying fish…

  10. Your banner is my kind of humor. I found it ingenious. I laughed and spit chunks of snot on my computer. I pity the fools who don’t get it. Grey and dull shall be many days of their lives.

  11. I can’t see the banner on my home computer!!! I first saw it earlier in the week while checking the site from a hotel computer. How long has this hilarity been missing from my computer????? What else have I missed???

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