Is all this eating making me fat…?

…or did I just get a new MacBook Pro with a built in webcam and fun Photobooth software?? [Hey! You computer geniuses out there, I have a question: what if I wanted to use the computer’s built in camera and my airport to do a live webcast of me cooking in my kitchen? Could I do that? How would I do that? Wouldn’t that be cool??]

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  1. Hey Adam! Now we can have a live iChat video conference! I can see it now: The Amatuer Gourmet and the Rookie Cook, bumbling through their first interview. Seriously, I’d love to hook up and we can interview each other about what it means to approach cooking from the point of view of the non professional who is willing to learn. I think we can record it on iMovie, edit and share it later. Sorry, don’t know how to make it a “live simulcast” though.

  2. I see you have a question about using the iSight camera. My wife loves your weblog, and I love the MacBook so I thought I would help.

    •Open iMovie HD

    •Click on “Create New Project” and give it a title

    •Next, click on what looks like a switch in the lower left area (with the movie camera and the scizzors on it’s sides) to switch to your iSight (or mini DV camera if one is connected) This will then show your iSight image in the display.

    •Now click on “Record with iSight” when you are ready to record.

    •You may then click on “Record with iSight to stop recording, and drag the clip/clips to the time line (on the bottom) to assemble and edit your movie. This will be much more fun than just the Photo Booth application.

    •When you have your movie prepared, you can then go to “Share” (in the menu bar on the top of the screen) and select “Email” (if that’s what you prefer) to compress and send your video.

    •Another option would be found under “file” (also found in the menu bar on the top of the screen) and select “Export”. Here you will see additional options to compress for CD-ROM, Email, Web, Web Streaming, Full quality, and Expert Settings.

    •••With a Mac, these things should quickly become easy. You may even try some of the Titles, Transitions, Video Effects, and Audio Effects found in the Editing section of iMovie for more involved videos.

    Hopefully this will be helpful to you. I hope it will further your enjoyment of the MacBook Pro, and your options for the weblog. All of these things will be easy to use with iWeb as well, if you are interested in having a quick project to share with friends and family. (Aside from your existing weblog of course)

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