Good Plate

Want proof of summer? Do what I did: slice big tomatoes and small tomatoes on to a plate, chiffonade some basil, drizzle with olive oil, a few drops of nice balsamic and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Summer eating doesn’t get much better.

12 thoughts on “Good Plate”

  1. This picture makes me wish I liked tomatoes. All I can do is appreciate the visual beauty because I can’t stand the taste. Isn’t that sad?

  2. Wow, that looks so refreshing. Honestly, it’s the simple things in life.

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the heck out it.

  3. mmmm… i’m with the folks that say yea to adding fresh mozza

    i know now that i’ll be spending some time waiting in line at diPalos this weekend

    mmm… maybe actually instead i’ll make panzanella, with the enthusiastic basil i have growing on my windowsill… thanks MUCH for the inspiration!

  4. Here at the Fish Creek House Bed and Breakfast in Whitehall, Montana, we have our very own Fish Creek running thru the property… So this time of year, we ‘re grilling fresh caught fish for breakfast and the guests love it

    nto the Frying Pan

    There is something very special about camp cooking. Everything just seems to taste so very good at camp! But camp cooking requires a different set of rules and equipment then those that we use at home. Camp cooking can be an activity in itself. Outdoor cooking involves quite a bit of skill and innovation but with a little practice and creativity you too can become an “outdoor chef”. We not only enjoy the food but the process of preparing it for our guests! At the Fish Creek House, we can rustle up your “camp” breakfast before you head on out

    All-in-One Breakfast

    3 sausage links (or other)

    3 eggs

    half a potato

    1/4 cup shredded cheese

    3 tablespoons milk

    Cook sausage and cut into small pieces, cut the potato into small pieces and cook in sausage drippings. Drain. Beat eggs and milk together and add to potatoes. When almost cooked, add sausage and cheese. Ready when cheese is melted. Serving : 1

    Bacon & Egg in a Paper Bag

    3 thick slices of bacon

    1 egg

    1 paper lunch bag

    1 stick

    Place bacon in the bottom of the bag, covering the bottom. Crack egg and put in bag on top of the bacon. Fold top of bag down securely. Poke a hole through the top of the bag for the stick. Hold over the hot coals till cooked.

    Serving : 1

    Foil Breakfast

    Hash brown potatoes




    Aluminum foil

    Place potatoes, scrambled eggs (uncooked), sausage and spices in aluminum foil. Wrap securely. Place on coals for approx. 15 minutes. Turn and rotate as needed.

  5. My god. Now I remember what real tomatoes look like and I can vaguely remember what they taste like too. Britain has horrible tomatoes. Even the vine ones aren’t fantastic or the “slicing” tomatoes.

    Promise me if you ever come to the UK you’ll contact me so I can help you embrace your inner foodnerd whilst here and also, I’ll be needing you to hook me up with some illicit tomatoes. :)

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