Bad Plate

The MOMA design store in SoHo features a plate with pubic hair painted on it:

The plate is designed by industrial designer Ana Mir and it costs $90. Though it may disturb your guests, I hear it’s particularly good for serving crabs. (Sorry–I just had to.)

11 thoughts on “Bad Plate”

  1. By the way….I notice that I cannot access your videos using Firefox on my new Intel based iMac, whereas I can see them fine in Safari, which is set up to work the browser through “Rosetta” (a Universal type application). Also, the comments entry fields are all wonky in Firefox, but fine in Safari. You might want to alert your web page designer to check the work in browsers for the latest iMacs (Intel based) because they aren’t up to snuff yet. Maybe it can’t be helped but I know you are a Mac user and would want your pages viewable by as many people as possible. Oops the comment preview looks a bit wonky in Safari too….oh well.

  2. For 90 dollars i would’ve expected a healthy bush of pube hair, not just 2 strands. Oh, and a nice big turd in the middle would be a great accompaniment also.

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