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  1. Ahhh! I was highly anticipating the “crab battle” and then the video got stuck (that’s the expert technical term, I’m sure)… I’m stuck in crazy crab limbo!

  2. Lissa, I hear this happens for my family too—could it be that you’re not letting the YouTube video completely load before playing it? Hit play then hit pause: you should see the gray in the “playbar” slowly fill in. When it’s completely filled in hit play again and it should play smoothly. Hope that helps! (Let’s hope you get to see the crab battle: we all get naked and throw crab meat at each other.)

  3. The crab battle played fine for me, but it was so dark and noisy in the restaurant i couldn’t understand anything.

  4. oops


    i didn’t mean to be so negative, i just accidentaly pressed post too early before finishing.

    I wanted to say that the hoevos rancheros look delisious. I had the real thing in mexico, and i often find myself wishing to go back, even just for breakfast lol Those ones do look good :)

  5. Super-cool video! Did you use a digital recorder for the crab battle and a regular digital camera for the rest? Now I’ve finally found an instance where my culinary backwater of Fort Lauderdale is superior to NYC–we have iguanas everywhere down here and they ain’t in cages, baby! One large one was agressively tapping its head against my office window last week and I felt like I was in Jurassic Park! Thanks for the post.


  6. AG… have you seen this? Reported in UK papers today. More importantly, have you or the parents had a taste?!

    The world’s most expensive burger has been unveiled in South Florida. It’s being served to members of the private members club The Boca Raton Resort. The membership fee is £24,500 for a year – and the burger itself costs £67. It’s called the “tri-beef” burger because it’s made from the most expensive cuts of beef from the US, Japan and Argentina. It’s almost three inches thick – and the price doesn’t include chips. The ketchup is mixed with champagne and white truffles and it comes served on a toasted Brioche bun with tomatoes, mushrooms and organic greens. For its first official serving, the meat was flown in by private jet and driven to the restaurant in an air-conditioned car. It beats the previous record holder for the world’s most expensive burger – a £53 one served in New York.

  7. Brooklyn is awesome. If I ever move back to NY, Brooklyn is where I’ll call home. Lots of great food and fun! Go for it!! :)

  8. adam, as a 5-year park slope resident, i gotta tell you…i don’t think it gets any better in new york. way more space for your money, far more diverse than manhattan. also, great, less expensive food and best of all, not so damn crowded!

  9. Yay! There’s lots of good eatin in Park Slope.

    I went to Rose Water a few years ago and while it was good, I found it to be a little too pricey too.

    And you look exactly like a friend of mine – especially in that close up!

  10. I can’t believe you are giving up on Manhattan and going to Brooklyn. Hopefully you will stick to reviewing restaurants and markets in Manhattan.

    Oh about the videos… BURRRRRRRP!

  11. Thanks for the Rosewater review. I’ve walked by that place several times and always been curious. There is some great food in the Slope: Al di La for Italian, Bonnie’s for burgers, La Villa for wood-fired pizza, brunch at Stone Park Cafe (the biscuits and gravy! my god, the biscuits and gravy…). It’s also worth checking out Bierkraft which, while not a restaurant, is a beer/ charcuterie/ cheese/ chocolate store.

  12. Adam, would be cool if you moved to the ‘hood. I’m in Prospect Hts, just across Flatbush from the Slope. You might love or at least love-to-hate the Park Slope Food Co Op too.

    I went to Rose Water once also and also thought it was too expensive to go back.

  13. i loved hearing your voice. now when i read your blog i can hear ur real voice instead of the voice i imagined in my head!

    yes i hear voices in my head. wanna fight?

    do more!

  14. you should come live in park slope! next time you should try al di la or applewood, two very highly rated restaurants, one of which is just around the corner from my new apartment! hope to welcome you to the neighborhood soon!

  15. You should definitely move to the Slope and come hang out with me! I second or third the recommendations for Al di La, Bierkraft, and Applewood, and add Long Tan for awesome pad thai, Cousin John’s Bakery for Sunday brunch, and Sette for asparagus fondue.

  16. Lived on both coasts and tried both species of crab. My two favorite dishes: dozen of Maryland Blues dosed in old bay and a pitcher of Nattie Bo, the garlic dungeness crab at Thanh Long in SF. West coast crab isnt a lot of work but the taste nod goes to the Maryland Ble crab.

  17. was the dog they rescued alive when they rescued it? it’s cute and clean, but didn’t move during the filming.

  18. I just love your review and especially this one which is original and funny..I live in Paris and I think parisians definitly miss a food blog like yours about french restaurants…thanks for making me laugh…and I hope I will come soon to New York in order to try all your recommendations…au revoir

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