Ooh La La, Fancy French Toast

What to do with the leftover peasant bread you bought for the Eggs in Purgatory I championed in a video last week? After all, you had the bread sliced at the store and fresh bread like that goes stale pretty quick. Let’s see there’s eggs in the fridge, vanilla, milk… hmmm… why, could we make french toast? Why, yes we can!

Using this recipe from Epicurious it couldn’t have been easier. And now for a Flickr slide show to explain the rest (I stole this idea from Sam of Becks & Posh: thanks Sam!) Click a picture to read a clever little quip and then curse yourself for wasting your time. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Ooh La La, Fancy French Toast”

  1. This sounds like a really good recipe. You can never have too many french toast recipes, because it is my favorite breakfast food!

    We have a really good baked french toast recipe. We have posted the recipe to our blog at blog.casualculinary.com

    The recipe is listed in our “Recipes” page, not in the “Recipes” category.

    Give it a try, we love it and and it is great because you do all the prep the night before.

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