Welcome back to Nibbles. What are nibbles? Little tastes, tidbits, morsels for you to pick at while surfing the web. Not to be confused with nipples which should never be picked at while surfing the web. That would be unsanitary.

* The first nibble is a justification for my poor posting earlier this week. I tried to change the code of my blog to deal with trackback spam and I somehow sabotaged my main index folder which made it impossible to update. Luckily, my web designer came to the rescue. Thanks Ralph!

* This second nibble is one that I’m very excited to share. My super talented, super ambitious and super successful writer friend Mark (who you’ve met in previous posts) has started a blog of his own and it’s all about pop music. Why would a theater critic for Variety and graduate of the Yale School of Drama spend his free time blogging about pop music? Well pay him a visit and find out. His blog is cleverly called I Totally Hear That and I hope all of you become regular readers. Take it away Mark!

* A quick shout-out and happy birthday to Sam over at Becks and Posh who hosted a lovely food blogger get-together this Sunday at the Hudson hotel. Not only did she host it, she gave us free chocolate. Craig and I enjoyed meeting all the lovely food bloggers and–shocker!–they all went home and blogged about it so you can read about it here and here and here and here. That last one features a great group photo. See if you can pick out all your favorite food bloggers.

* Last night I gruntily joined a group of friends at Boyd Thai on Thompson just north of Bleecker. I say gruntily because I didn’t choose the restaurant and when I don’t choose the restaurant I get grunty because I’m a control freak. Patty chose it because it was cheap cheap cheap and as she likes to say of herself: “I am cheap cheap cheap.” Well it turns out that Patty’s conservative wallet pointed us in the right direction: we all enjoyed our dinners thoroughly. The Early Bird Special (served before 7—yes, I’m becoming my grandparents!) features soup, salad, a spring roll, entree and rice. There were pleasant surprises throughout: the salad was surprisingly spicy, the spring roll was surprisingly refreshing and the soup was surprisingly flavorful even though, as the waitress claimed, it was made without chicken stock. Dan said it was the best Tom Gai (if I’m remembering that right) he’s ever had. So cheap-o Thai lovers, check it out. [And congrats to Patty who is now a fellow at the New York Theater Workshop. That’s a huge honor. Woohoo!]

* Finally, I’m often reluctant to link to websites of people who e-mail me asking me to link to them without me first spending some time reading them, deciding if I like them, incorporating them into my lifestyle and then sharing them all with you. Yet how could I not share with you the most creative plea I’ve yet received? As they say in the law, the thing speaks for itself: [click to enlarge]

So check out Mostly About Food because they earned it.

This has been Nibbles. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Nibbles”

  1. Adam!

    You know I look up to you as an original A-list food blogger and so I was more than honoured that you came to my humble little gathering. It was a joy to meet you. Now when are you coming to SF so Fatemeh and I can show you the Bay Area foodie sites???

    love sam x

  2. Hello Adam,

    Many thanks for plugging my pop music blog experiment. I’ve got a playlist in my heart, and you’re on every track.

    Am I required to only write in music metaphors now?

    Anyway, The Amateur Gourment is linked from I Totally Hear That, so I’m sure my mom and dad have visited your site by now.


  3. Adam, I’m thankful to the extreme for your kind act of posting the comic and linking the site.

    In order to return the favour, I promise to treat you a dinner – in the unlikely case you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, that is… :o)

    Anyways, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. I’m so glad you cleared up the nibble versus nipple confusion – HA. I happen to have a Food Blog called Nibbles of Tidbits, thus stumbled upon this post. I can read why your blog has been picked to receive many awards. It’s well done. I hope to strive for the same. Thank’s for your time.

    Shelly Borrell

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