Eggs in Purgatory

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  1. Very cool recipe, AG. I make something similar to this with kale, but now I’ll have to try it with tomatoes. Do you really think San Marzano tomatoes are better than other kinds of canned tomatoes? Great looking All-Clad pot too . . . I wish I had that one.

  2. You are super funny

    I have to say you have been entertaining me for quite a while now (Years actually)

    Great job AG

    kiss,kiss from Atlantic Beach, Fl

  3. That looks so yummy. Nicely done with the yolks!! I’m impressed. I break mine more often than not.

  4. I LOVE the video, but since I bookmark your recipes, is there any way that you could write some of them out afterwards for printing? Eggs in purgatory looks GREAT, but I will forget how to make it in about three min.. (…gone)

  5. When I read “Eggs in Purgatory” and seen a video I was already for another one you your musicals. All well, this was well entertaining indeed. You deserve your kisses… Ah, I think?

  6. You just make my day! And all the fabulous food you prepare is done in what appears to be; a limited space, with a tiny counter, next to a very normal stove, etc. I love everything you do for us, Adam, especially when you take us around the greatest city in the world. Thank you!

  7. I do this with leftover tomato sauce as well! Though I put onions, vinegar, thyme and smoked chipotle in mine. Wish I’d thought of such a hilarious title for it!

  8. *smooch*!

    Ah, that made me miss fried eggs with runny yolks… haven’t had those in ages!

  9. I can see (or, I assume) that somebody has been reading his “Sopranos Cookbook” lately. This dish has been haunting me for a while, too. And when it gets this kind of advertising, I gotta try it! :o)

  10. This is very similar to a tipical Israeli dish called ShakShuka. (it was invented by bored soldiers in reserve duty with nothing better to do then cook and nothing better to cook with than some eggs, tomatos, garlic powder and oil). Ask any Israeli and he will swear he has the best recipe for Shakshuka ever.

  11. Oh. I love you. No. Seriously. I was thinking to myself, “Self, we need a new dinner idea that will knock the socks off the man (which is hard to do, considering he doesn’t ever wear socks)” and you have provided me with the inspiriation. Tonight it’s “Eggs in Purgatory”. Thanks, Adam!




  12. Ungh… that looks really really good. Why oh why does my husband hate any yolk that is not opaque and crumbly? Maybe the next time he’s out of town I’ll make it for a yolk-loving friend and myself.

  13. hi there,

    i had lost in touch with the nyc blogs but just read a few of your posts today and they brought a big smile to me face. you are really funny! love your videos. keep up the awesome posts.


  14. Hi Adam,

    I read your site regularly and really enjoy it. Wanted to let you know that I made this for my parents and husband tonight and everyone loved it. Thanks for a great recipe.

  15. Oh my god – you sound SO different in reality to how you do in my inner head monologue! I can’t decide if it’s better or worse! Disturbing. Confusing, even. But I love the way you say tomayyyyyyyytoes!

    Kisses from the Uk!

  16. omg! i haven’t visited your site in a while (shame on me…blush) but i just had to let you know that i love, love, love the podcasts you’ve added!

    kiss kiss

  17. you have some mighty fine equipment here chef. Seeing that microplane in action is quite a special thing. but what about a little garnish?

    “this dish looks mean with out some green…” in the words of my dad, Capt. Bob.

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