The Mother’s Day Meal We Cooked Last Week

We are now entering the phase of this website known as “the phase in which Adam juggles writing his blog and writing his book.” I have decided that when it comes down to choosing the best place to share new material–the blog or the book–the best choice is the book because the book is more permanent. Accordingly, I will now share pictures with you from the Mother’s Day dinner we cooked last week (when I say “we” I mean my brother and I) but no commentary. Look for the commentary next year when you buy the book!

Here’s the meal:

Greek Salad

Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic


Green Beans with Roasted Vegetables


Potatoes (HINT FOR THE BOOK: these didn’t come out very well)


Mom and I applying the strawberries to the Strawberry Country Cake:


Strawberry Country Cake up close (it comes from The Barefoot Contessa):


6 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day Meal We Cooked Last Week”

  1. Wow! That looked like Paolo Bonolis! You could have an incredible career as an Italian TV star! (8 million euro per annum currently.)

    Hint: roasted potatoes benefit from rough surfaces. Peeled, parboiled and roughed a bit with a fork, olive oil, salt and rosemary and Roberto รจ il tuo zio.

    Skins on they are better boiled and served with lemon, butter and parsley, IMO.

  2. What a fantastic meal, and what a lucky mom — clearly she deserves every bit of it.

    I’ve made the strawberry country cake a number of times, and it’s been a huge hit on every occasion. I also adore the chicken, which I made a few weeks ago after having read your post. Mmmm…gonna have to do that one again soon. And my newest discovery for little boiled new potatoes is to toss them with butter and freshly chopped mint instead of the more usual parsley. Divine.

  3. and your mom looks like your girlfriend,what does she do to look young and fresh ? eating your food ?:)

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