My Thesis Reading Is Tonight!

I changed a major character two days ago from a Foodie to a Parking Lot Attendant, I cut almost 30 pages, wrote another 40 and still wound up with only 64. The entire beginning is new, the entire ending is new, though there is still a sequence where a woman has a five-course meal inserted into her womanhood. Yes, tonight is the night of my thesis reading and my play “The Fall of the Family Felderbaum” will be viewed and scrutinized by my classmates, friends and teachers. This is the final hurdle of my education so wish me luck. After today, I am officially thesisized!

23 thoughts on “My Thesis Reading Is Tonight!”

  1. I somehow feel that you have this one in the bag. AND, I’m amazed that I’m the first one to comment on the five-course meal inserted into…err…uh…a character’s womanhood? hahahahahahah What is she? A living metaphor for the thanksgiving turkey? I love it.

  2. Best of luck to you, Adam! I will congratulate you in advance :)

    You should celebrate by going to Jean Georges or any of your other favorite places.

  3. Good luck, Adam! If the play’s as well written as your blog, you have nothing to worry about…

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