My Mother & Flea Wish You A Happy Weekend



  1. WTF?

    Erm… comes with being in NY? Or in FL?

    Anyhow, your mom is totally cute. Happy weekend to them, too!

  2. Self-proclaimed Dork Jason-

    Flea is a member of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now, you see, there is a direct connection between Flea and this foodie blog!

  3. yeah, i get so excited when i see your mom in an entry. sorta like the feeling i get when david letterman’s mom makes an appearance in his show.

  4. They make a lovely couple. I’m not sure who you most resemble…

  5. I swear, when I grow up I want to be your mom. She is so fricking adorable!

  6. Oedipus, shmoedipus, the important thing is that you love your mom.

  7. Hi Flea, hi Mom! Happy weekend, or maybe next weekend to them too ^.^

  8. I didn’t know your mom met Flea! Just last night I was reading all about him in “Scar Tissue”, Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography. Yes, I own this, it’s true. In hardcover!

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