How To Throw a Party On Your 27th Birthday (A Comic)

16 thoughts on “How To Throw a Party On Your 27th Birthday (A Comic)”

  1. Happy 27th Birthday! I couldn’t pass up the chance on wishing someone who makes me laugh a good year with good health!

  2. God I love this blog. I would’ve come for the lemon bars and Martha wine. Did you not share the chocolate bounty? I wouldn’t have either.

  3. sorry, Adam, didn’t mean to send that comment, just delete it, please. Nice comic, by the way. I just hope you’re not getting more into that because it might spoil my blogging plans… (check my site)

    anyways, happy birthday! I’ve been reading your site for a while but I’m not that good in writing comments

  4. I see you have also discovered Comic Life! Isn’t it fun?

    Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing the fun. It was almost like being there.:)

  5. A Big Fan of the AG

    Happy belated birthday, Adam. Your comic gave me serious laughs while sitting here in my shoebox office. Lisa really went all out, what a great friend. If my puter had tastebuds it would have been drooling all over my desk.

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