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Ok, so I decided I’m not going to do a massive end of the year “Best Of” post because…well…I think I missed the boat on that. Instead, I’m going to point you over to The Accidental Hedonist where I’ve been nominated for not one but two Food Blog Awards: Best Food Blog Humor and Best City Blog. If you get a chance, why don’t you mosy on down there and click my self-esteem up a notch. You should also vote for the many worthy contenders in the other categories. Also: if you get a chance, nominations are open for The Bloggies and there’s a food category. Wouldn’t it be fun to go there and vote for your favorite food bloggers too? I mean if you don’t exercise your right to vote, you have no right complaining about food blogs raising taxes or raping your children. Be a patriotic blog reader and do as this post’s title suggests: vote your heart out and have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Vote Your Heart Out”

  1. ‘raping your children’…..? i’m all for humor that spits in the eye of convention, but, sheesh…that’s a bit…yeah. much.

  2. hi adam,

    maybe you already know this, but i was looking through some of your old “eating new york” posts and found that one of them has an obviously “spam”/illegitimate comment. maybe there are others like this, and they are the reason why google is being so mean to you?

    here’s the post where i noticed this:

    this also made me think of a recent post by elise on food blog school, about how spammers are getting clever with planting bad links in your comments that adversely affect your google page rank.

    hope this helps, and even if not, thanks for a great blog, and happy new year!


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