[Pssst…I’m in Florida.]

In case you’re wondering why it’s so quiet, I flew into Florida today to visit my family since I missed “holiday” time with them when I was in Paris. I’d like to do my own Best of 2005 post at some point (maybe my Top 10 Meals of 2005) so look for that tomorrow night, if I can find the time. Meanwhile, it’s time to unpack!

3 thoughts on “[Pssst…I’m in Florida.]”

  1. Take a break, kick back and relax, enjoy your time with your family and the warm weather of Florida. Write in a couple days. Have a good time!


  2. My wife and I were the fools who were charged $41 per stone crab at Prime 112……..so next time we went to Joe’s Stone Crab with your parents……..Both evenings were a lot of fun, with delicious food!

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