Milking That Anniversary For Another Post [PLUS: A Video Q&A!]

12 thoughts on “Milking That Anniversary For Another Post [PLUS: A Video Q&A!]”

  1. That is hilarious, it made my day. You know the little ramekins of butter you get a breakfast places like Village Inn and Denny’s? My cousin and I used to eat the butter straight and then lick them clean. Delicious!

  2. Ok, I am bad, I love to read your posts, but the question I always have, is how do you or your family afford all this decadence? I just finished reading about your Monocco trip. I read the one about your dad doing your teeth. Is your life and theirs all supported by a dentist salary? Like I said I am bad, but maybee other people wonder things like this to.

  3. Dammit, that was so funny it made me forget I had custard in the oven. Oh well, it came out ok. I wish I could have made it to your 2nd anniversary party, but I was out of town. I’d love to meet you, your blog is hysterical.

  4. BRAVO!!! Perfect choice of music, hilarious and witty, although I do think Lolita stole the show. What a beautiful pussy you have, Adam!

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