Amateur Gourmet 2nd Anniversary Party Feeler

On January 14th, this site will be TWO YEARS old. [*Wild cheering.*] I’d like to celebrate by having some kind of get-together in New York. If I did have a get together on Saturday the 14th, who could be there? Would you want to meet for drinks, a meal, a pastry? How much would you want to spend? Please answer in the comments and I’ll follow up with an official proclamation.


  1. Sounds like fun. What airport is close to you, that way I can check airline prices.

    I think dinner is a good choice.

    Two weeks is not much time to plan this, but, I’m sure something can be worked out.


  2. Woo hoo, a partay! I say dinner and/or drinks is good as well. And as long as no one makes me dress up too much, I’d be willing to spend a fair amount on such a festive occasion.

  3. Holy poo, that is like next weekend. Hope you post the final arrangement soon so travelers can try and get time off and travel arrangements made.

  4. From a newish lurker who loves yr Paris tales & all other great stuff here – Could we fill up a round table at La Pain Quotidien? The one on upper Madison @ 84th is nice..anyway it’s a great idea. Thanks

  5. Sure I’ll try and make it if I’m not traveling. A little hard to tell this far out. It’s definitely a great idea!

  6. I’ll be there! I like the appetizer/dessert option over s it-down dinner, but I am sure whatever you choose will be great.

  7. I’ll be there! I like the appetizer/dessert option over a sit-down dinner, but I am sure whatever you choose will be great.

  8. Jealous! I don’t suppose airfare from Atlanta to NY is all that reasonable right now.

  9. I would like to go, but I’m a poor law student and would prefer something not too expensive.

  10. I would love to meet you. I am coming back to New York either the 14th or the 15th so post more details and I will arrange accordingly. I am under 21 though so I would not be able to drink.

  11. I might show though it sounds like you’d benefit frm putting off a few weeks so people could buy airline tickets (you didn’t know you were so popular, did you?)

  12. I’d actually like to instate a no-fly policy. Not that I don’t want to meet all the people who live far away, it just puts a lot of pressure on this event which I’m pretty sure will be very very casual and not worth flying in for. So please don’t fly in to meet me! Spend your money on meeting someone more important like Katie Couric. I heard a rumor she wears a thong.

  13. Aw no, AG, say it ain’t so. One of your loyal native New York fans has to go to Texas on a work-related trip that weekend…and that would be me. It’s one of the few times that I actually have to be out of the city and I’m going to miss the AG blogafestaversary…boo hoo…

  14. I share a birthday with your blog – except the blog and I are separated by about 29 years! I’d love to join but I wont be around the 14th or 15th. Anytime before the 14th and you can count me in.

  15. another poor law student here – i’d love to come and 3rd the not too expensive request

  16. Woohoo! I’ll be in NYC that weekend and would love to stop by for drinks if it’s near a birthday party I’m going to. Thanks, Adam.

  17. Hello:

    I Am A Single Man,Love To Eat But Know Little About Cooking And Tired Of Tv-Dinner’s. Is There A Fast Way To Learn To Cook For One Without Alot Of Left-Over’s ?

  18. my long-time lurking wife and I will be in manhattan that weekend and would be up for it.

  19. WELL.. You could have made a SPECTACULAR charity fund raiser and GOURMET EVENT!!!! Working with a fine restaurant you could have booked the whole place for something FABALOUS and raised a ton of money for a good cause.

    To quote Samuel Beckett as Pozzo says to Lucky “Think Pig !”

  20. how cool. I’m planning my first trip to NY from SF and checking your site for brunch places and etc. I’ll be in town on the 14th. would love to meet you and celebrate the blog. might be up for drinks in the evening… depends on what the rest of my NY posse is up to. will definitly check back for details.

  21. Happy 2nd Anniversary, AG! All of NY should show up to toast to your many successes over the last two years. Much continued success in all you do, Adam.

  22. Happy 2nd Anniversary, AG! All of NY should show up to toast to your many successes over the last two years, Adam. Food never tasted so funny!

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