To Paris I Go!

My semester is over (finally!), my bags are packed, and the “Amelie” soundtrack is playing right now on iTunes. I sit here at 1 am and realize that in 24 hours my plane will be touching down in the City of Light. I’ve printed all your comments and e-mail suggestions; I went, as someone advised, to the back of “Barefoot in Paris” and copied down all of Ina’s favorites. I’m equipped with lots of great advice and I’m brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. Is this what the French call joie de vivre?

I’ve double checked and my hotel (which, I’ve now learned, is in the 17th arron.) has “modem connections” in every room so I’m really hoping I can blog while I’m there. Here’s how you can tell if I’m blogging while I’m there: if you load up this site and you still see this message, it ain’t happening! But fear not. In that very worse case scenario, I’ll come back loaded with stories, pictures and videos (yes, I’m bringing my video camera) to share until you scream “sacre bleau!”

Now I must rest. Big travel day ahead. Let’s pretend I’m Pee-Wee Herman and you’re Simone in “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.” Remember the scene where Pee-Wee pulls away on the train? Simone (that’s you) yells, “Au revoir, Pee-Wee!”

Then Pee-Wee (that’s me) yells back: “Au revoir, Simone!” And a great adventure lies ahead.

8 thoughts on “To Paris I Go!”

  1. i am living vicariously through you this week – you are living my DREAM: to see mona, stand atop the eiffel tower, and EAT EAT EAT in paris. have a blast. thanks for giving us something fun to read every day – can’t wait to hear all about your trip! bon appetit!

  2. Have fun in Paris AG! I just got back this past weekend on a last minute trip and it was awesome. Do you know where you’re gonna eat yet?

  3. Since I already enjoy iving vicariously through you, I am especially looking forward to your trip to Paris! Have a great time, and tell Clotilde “Andrea, the Rookie Cook, says hi.” She’ll be polite and pretend that means something to her, I am sure.

  4. Ooh, the 17th! That’s where I “lived” when I studied there during college. Have a Belgian beer (Blanche de Bruges) at La Taverne de Villiers. It comes with Lemon. YUM. (I know I know, how bourgeois.)

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