To Be A Playwright

Many of you know that I go to school for playwriting. What many of you may not know is that one of my favorite teachers, Janet Neipris, has a book that just got published called “To Be A Playwright” which you can now buy on Amazon. (Click the picture to go straight there!)


Janet is an icon in our department at NYU: she’s quirky, funny, brave, intelligent and a terrific mentor. She’s had her hand in the work of Neil Labute, Kenneth Lonergan, Doug Wright (who won the Pulitzer Prize for “I Am My Own Wife”) and George Wolfe. Her book offers a practical approach to the craft of writing plays and it’s perfect for the person who’s just starting out as well as the person who’s written a few plays but doesn’t know how to make them better. The chapter “Fifty Questions to Ask When Writing A Play” is the sort of thing you want to tear out and tape to your wall. I’d do that, but I don’t want to deface my autographed copy!

And in case you think I’m just shilling for a good grade, you should know that Janet’s not teaching me this semester. I’m just a big fan of hers and I want her book to sell. If any of you buy it and use it, please send me the plays you write and I’ll do my best to read them. And if you go on to win the Pulitzer prize, please send it my way and I’ll keep it and take credit for it. Go buy Janet’s book!!

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