Five Important Moments From 2005 As Interpreted By Eggs in Lisa’s Microwave

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around, please. The year is drawing to a close. Tomorrow night, in fact, a great ball will drop in Times Square and we’ll ring in a New Year. Before that happens, shouldn’t we reflect on the year that’s passed? News shows do it, so why can’t eggs in my friend Lisa’s microwave? It is with a great sense of honor, then, that Lisa and I present to you: “Five Important Moments From 2005 As Interpreted By Eggs in Lisa’s Microwave.”

To begin with, here is Lisa’s microwave:

It is silvery and grand and his hamburger buns on top of it: a perfect proscenium for our performance. To witness the eggs in each of their tableaus, simply click the microwaves ahead. It couldn’t be easier or more pleasurable. Let’s proceed, shall we?

Five Important Moments from 2005…

1. Natural Disasters Plague the Planet

2. The Pope Dies


3. Kate Moss is Caught Doing Drugs in London


4. Harold Pinter Wins the Nobel Prize in Literature


5. Brokeback Mountain Opens


And that’s it! The five most important moments in 2005. Hope everyone has a great New Year’s, be safe, and I’ll see you all again in 2006!

12 thoughts on “Five Important Moments From 2005 As Interpreted By Eggs in Lisa’s Microwave”

  1. This is very funny. No wonder you come up with the idea as a microwave for a stage (you study theatre, yes?) I always thought it looks like a TV and you sit in front of it and watch it. I don’t have neither TV nor microwave by the way. But the stories of the year you did in Lisa’s are absolutely hilarious.

  2. Can I ask for monthly microwave egg theater? Maybe based on movies or classics of literature? Uncle Tom’s Cabin in egg format sounds like a winner.

  3. Excellent minimalist theatre representations of pivotal events. I applaud the slight iconoclastic edge: a broken egg in a pope’s miter? Under the “bubble” of a glass? Brilliant! And Brokeback Mountain was rather racy! Impressive. As one who experienced Katrina firsthand, I liked the almost peaceful, diorama-like representation of the flood. Thank you.

  4. ha! i agree, a monthly egg theatre is my new years wish. good use of toast in brokeback mountain as well as hats for both the cowboys and the pope. if you ask me there just aren’t enough eggs in pope hats. thanks for the summary, i laughed LOUD.

  5. Aside from the grandeur of the tableaux, allow me to be the first to compliment Lisa on the pristine cleanliness of the interior of her microwave! Unless it is new, that Lisa is one helluva housecleaner. Or, does she have OCD…?

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