Assaggi d’amore

One of the funnest things (and “funnest” is a word that applies here) about having a blog is checking your stats and referrers to see how people are getting to your site. Sometimes I’ll stumble upon a person’s LiveJournal (theater geeks really like my musical eggs) and sometimes I’ll find myself linked on a forum (I was once on a Celine Dion fanboard) and I find this exercise in vainty constantly rewarding.

A big reward came this morning when I saw a link to my Gourmet Cupid post coming from a site called I clicked and found a post called “Assaggi d’amore.” Not speaking Italian, I wasn’t sure what that referred to but then I saw this in the text:

Ci pensavamo leggendo The Amateur Gourmet, spassoso blog newyorkese, che ha lanciato Cupid Gourmet, per farla breve: Radio Rimorchio ai tempi di internet. Mmm… e se ne facessimo la versione italiana? E se cioè, per realizzare i vostri più romantici sogni, Pepe si trasformasse in gastronomico Cupìdo?

And this graphic:


Breaking those words down (Italian is, after all, a romance language) I have deduced that what we have here is an Italian version of the Gourmet Cupid! I find this very flattering. And just thinking about all those Italian foodies out on dates because of a random idea I had at 3 am is enough to make me fluff my pillow. I’m not sure what that means but suffice it to say that the internet can be a bellissima thing.

1 thought on “Assaggi d’amore”

  1. Here’s a crummy trasnlation, courtesy of the Sherlock translation program:

    “We were believed reading The Amateur Gourmet, newyorkese spassoso

    blog, that Cupid Gourmet has launch, in order to make it short: Radio

    Towing to the times of Internet. Mmm… and if of it we made the

    version Italian? And if that is, in order to realize your romantici

    dreams, Pepper it were transformed in gastronomico Cupìdo?”

    So you did pretty well on your interpretation! Well done. :)

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