Whose Plate Is Whose at the Roberts Family Thanksgiving?

I offered to cook a Thanksgiving feast this year for my family but my offer was kindly rejected by parties who preferred to go to a buffet at Woodfield Country Club, one community over from where we live in Boca Raton, Florida. Since eating at “the club” offered very little in the way of gourmet content, I decided to devise a game where you, the reader, would look at a plate assembled by a family member and then try to determine whose plate it is. To be fair, you should get a look at my family first. I’m not in the picture because I’m taking the picture, but you know who I am, don’t you reader?

From left to right there’s my brother, my father, my mother, my grandmother and grandfather. In front of them is a spread purchased by my mother from Publix.

“Don’t make fun of my spread on your website!” intoned my mother.

And so I’ll remain silent and let you click ahead to play “Whose Plate Is Whose?”

Welcome to “Whose Plate Is Whose?” The way we play the game is very simple. Simply look at a plate and try to figure out whose plate you think it is. When you think you know, click the plate to reveal the answer. Are you ready? Here we go!







How did you do? Did you get everything right?

Obviously, lots of the plates looks similar (there were only so many things to take). But there are subtle differences. For example: the amount of food taken, different parts of the turkey (white meat, dark meat, wing, leg), different animals (someone had ham!), different applications of condiments (someone used gravy!) and finally odd incongruities (someone put eggplant on their plate!)

But it was, indeed, a lovely Thanksgiving. Even if the meal wasn’t homecooked, I was happy to be surrounded by my family. Hope everyone out there had a Happy Thanksgiving too and here’s to surviving the winter ahead!


9 thoughts on “Whose Plate Is Whose at the Roberts Family Thanksgiving?”

  1. Amateur Social Psychologist (on this occasion)

    Well, I am shocked! I would have thought that the slightly more arty one – the one that looked the most like what a “professional” would do was not Adam’s but rather Adam’s Mum’s. (Or, as this is an American holiday, Mom’s) But then Adam styles himself as an amateur. Secondly, the biggest plate was Adam’s, as far as I can tell. Is Adam the Amateur Gourmet or Amateur Gourmand? Finally, it appears that the Roberts Patriarch is the most radical in the family – not for him the tradition of Leviticus and Deuteronomy!!

  2. That is very funny! I’m shocked at your grandfather’s lack of greens.

    Wait, your grandmother didn’t have any greens either. What’s going on?

  3. I only got the first wrong and from there I got them all right. I even shocked myself. Actually the easiest was the ham of grandfather because, for some reason, the mustard gave it away. I just looked at it and said “obviously older generation. No vegetables. Must be the eldest male”. I think it was the leg that threw me off on mother’s plate.

  4. Nice though those Thanksgiving platters look guys, I gotta say as a veggie I’m on the lookout for wholesome and exciting variations on the theme to help me give thanks for not being skewered by an Amer-Indian while you guys all tuck into your turkey.

    Spare a thought, guys – it can get pretty desperate as you end up running out of ideas after a decade or so. Take last year – I was reduced to muffins and low-fat cream cheese whilst everyone else pigged out. Still, I always say – you can’t beat an English Muffin!. See recipe here:




  5. Your mom has the best plate. Tell her I said so. And the look on your dad’s face in the picture of your mom and her plate is priceless!

  6. That was fun I got none right I said mom is so pretty she must eat only little bits of thing ,(WRONG )Grandma I should of know because she does eat only little bits, I have to do the same now, hard to digest a big meal when you are over 60,but grandma does look very healthy ,dad I got wrong I though that plate was your’s , your plate I said know one can eat that much ,you must have mom’s alility to stay thin & still eat ,bless all of you & here’s to being together again next year!!

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