The Redesign Is Coming…

Prepare for a sleeker, more refined look—with a new banner and better organization and newer fonts. Due date may be as soon as Sunday, but no promises. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “The Redesign Is Coming…”

  1. Don’t do it! We fear change!

    Seriously, I like the banner. It’s very creative. Why for you gotta go and monkey with it? It better be pretty darn spectacular.

  2. oh please tell us! Who is your muse!

    reinventing yourself while staying true to who you are will be the key to the success of the new look. looking forward to it!

  3. It would be nice if your site did not crash my computer everytime I try to look through the archives!

  4. To make type bigger on any web site…

    If you’re using Firefox as your browser, hold Ctrl key and hit “+”. Type gets bigger. Hold Ctrl and hit “-” to decrease size. If using Safari, hold Command key and hit “+”. If you’re still using IE, oh man, you need more help than I can give you here.

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